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Cashiers Firewood Company

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Who We Are

Simply put we make great firewood. Josh Crawford started delivering firewood many moons ago, with a pickup truck and a dog named Copper. Now Josh & his new pal Cooper, deliver firewood.

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Interested in getting to know us? You can email us, call us, or text us at (828) 506-3025

(828) 506-3025

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Cured Hardwoods For the Best Fire

We take trees that have been growing in these mountains for generations, that have been taken down, or fallen on their own, and turn them into something usable. We cut the logs to length in rounds and then split the rounds into chunks that are easier for you to put in that fireplace...

This firewood then sits, covered, and out of the rain for at least 8 months until it is cured enough to burn in your fireplace. We don’t want it too dry, or it burns too fast, nor do we want it too wet (green) either, because then it won’t burn. So we watch it and check it and take care of it until the moisture content gets just right and then we start delivering it. Sounds like we are making Bourbon here, doesn’t it? We never turn down a sip of that by the way.

Convenient Sizes

Obviously size matters, so most of the firewood we sell is 18” long chunks of wood, but not just wood, we mean hardwood. The kind that smokes just enough so that when you walk outside to grab another arm full to keep that fire burning you know you've got a fire going. 

If however your fireplace is a little larger than average and well, just looks sad and puny with 18” wood in it, we have you covered. For the truly demanding fireplace, we can bring you 24” chunks of cured hardwood. This, of course, does cost a little more because it wears the boys out. But, hey when you are watching that wood burn you will know the extra effort was worth it.

A typical load is 4' X 8' X 18" stack. We will deliver and stack for $350.00. The minimum delivery, 4' X 4' X 18" is $200.00. Larger quantities and green wood are also available upon request, call Josh at (828) 506-3025 for pricing and more information.


Delivered & Stacked

Give us a call, let’s talk about this and we can work out the details over the phone and get to know you a little bit. Once we get to know you, assuming we like you, eventually you can just email us or shoot us a text and your firewood will just show up. We can stack it for you, or we can dump it and you can stack it...

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