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What Would You Like to Know? We Don't Get Many Good Questions...


How much does delivery cost?

That's included in the price we quote you for the firewood. You can always tip the delivery guys if they do a good job, or are particularly good looking, or just funny.

Is there a minimum amount of firewood I need to order?

There sure is. We won't deliver less than a 3' X 4' stack. Is that still too much for your campfire? Stop by The Cashiers Farmers Market and typically you can pick up a couple of our bundles of firewood during the summer and fall..

When will you deliver?

In short, as soon as we can. Sometimes we are crazy busy and it takes us more than a day...sometimes it's just a few hours later. Regardless of when we deliver, you will be happy with the wood we bring you.

What kind of wood is it?

It's a mixture of hardwoods, predominately oak and other native species.

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